Matter of Soul


XPLOR is a start-up company based in Hong Kong that aims to create innovative experiences through experimenting with new technology and innovative designs, with a focus on future living design, gadgets, and products. Comprised of artists, programmers, and engineers, our collective creates work that reflects on, and challenges, issues of the digital age.

Since 2015, XPLOR has served as a research and development lab of XCEPT / XCEED, providing STEM education programs for the community. 2020 marks our Art X Tech transformation. Noticing the yearning for innovative digital solutions in society, with the big changes of Industrial Revolution 4.0, Big Data, and Smart Cities, we are ready to engage public imagination with emerging technologies that take storytelling and multimedia experiences to the next level and provoke the public in the digital age.


Memory defines who we are. Our existence lives in memories of our own and others. In Latin, memento mori is a common saying, meaning “remember that you have to die”—a symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death. If life is impermanent and death destined, it is through art that we hold on to things that matter.

In MEMORI, we turn voice memos of blessings into visual images, like a digital “omamori” (Japanese amulet, symbolizing luck and protection). As a unique charm personalized to one’s wishes, it empowers participants to send out wishes in a perceptible way. While the generated visuals will be showcased on the online platform, the hidden voice message can only be accessed and decoded by the recipient.

Through MEMORI, we can remember and record what really matters. Users’ sound waves are traced, shaped, visualized, and sublimated into a new art form. As a transient, yet beautiful encounter with art, the emotional meanings of the message are intensified and unfolded in another medium, in a different form—it is a carrier of blessings for our beloved ones. In times of crisis, we invite you to experience art’s power as an agent of change, soothing anxiety and spreading love.