Matter of Aspiration


NOSIGNER is a social design company actively driving social changes toward a more hopeful future. The term NOSIGNER translates as professionals recognizing the “unseen” behind the “form” (NO-SIGN). We see design as a tool that enables us to form the best relationships.

Nowadays, designers are seen as producing solely beautiful work. NOSIGNER works differently to bring out the “unseen”, by looking for clues of social change possibilities. Our main goal is to design multidisciplinary strategies, seeking the highest standard in each design field, covering areas such as architecture, product, and graphic design.

To us, design is a gateway to changing the future. We constantly seek collaboration possibilities with like-minded people, to explore potentialities for the future of humanity.

Identity Face Shield

To protect healthcare workers from COVID-19, NOSIGNER designed this easy-to-make face shield as part of the nonprofit PANDAID project. Taking only three cuts in an A4 clear file, the free DIY template went viral on social media and has been adopted by medical institutions around the world. While the initial design protects our physical health, the Identity Face Shield project was launched in response to the rising need for personal identity protection.

The rise of facial recognition systems spurs concerns about privacy. By wearing the identity face shield, printed with a pixelated human face, we can protect ourselves from infectious viruses and keep people from knowing who we are. “Who owns our identities?” We hope this new design can lead up to more conversations about this question.