Matter of Journey


WHITEGROUND is a multi-disciplinary design practice striving for consistency with refinement. A team of seasoned and forward-thinking architects and designers, we work to break the conventions with our expertize in architecture, interior design, branding, and graphic design.

Seeking a consistent brand image across our work, we design through cross-media innovation and provide immersive design solutions. The processes of trial and experiment are important to us, for discovering new ways of storytelling and identity. We aim to challenge norms by exploring the use of visual expressions in spatial design contexts that exceed people’s expectations.

To us, “white”, like a canvas, represents a space where the creative process begins; while “ground” bears the meaning of essence. We aim for our works to be created on the basis of pure motivation.

4 Stages

Origin, obsession, epiphany and liberation––these are the stages that we all share in our lives. So how shall we live through this dream of a journey?

With a human perspective, the exhibition invites the public to ponder on the topic of “Life”, and takes us on a journey through its different phases—from origin and confusion to awakening and letting go—with the help of changing ambiences.

Visitors will need to use their body to feel the impermanence of themselves and their environment, so to understand that everything will cease to exist eventually, and that we should learn to appreciate every moment in life and simply cherish life.

Life is a fleeting journey, and so is design.