Matter of Being

Orient Occident Atelier | OOA

OOA is an architectural studio that draws design inspirations from discovering, researching, and utilizing the interdependence of “objects” and their connections with the surrounding space.

OOA’s design themes highlight modern interpretations of Eastern and Western aesthetics and the integration of nature and function, upholding a practice that respects the intrinsic local culture and technology found at the project site. Through the use of natural and synthetic materials, we focus on the research and development of new methods of architectural detail assembly.

OOA is committed to leveraging architectural design for the development of urban and rural villages with other professionals in programs such as disaster prevention and relief, and the provision of architecture solutions to environmental and social problems, in collaboration with governmental bodies and social enterprises.


This art installation draws from a traditional Hong Kong culture, in which fruit peels, vegetables and fish are laid on the street to sun dry for consumption.

The display of dried herbs, Chinese medicinal plants, decorative and edible plants forms a vertical gallery, saving space and improving hygiene by withdrawing from its more common habitat—the roadside or sidewalk. The selection of local plants serves to encourage people to utilize resources in their surroundings.

FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), a cheap industrial material, is often used in food processing. Through rearranging FRP sheets in a picturesque way, we redefine both the industrial product and the sun-drying food to become an eco-industrial landscape. Theoretically, the dried plants are edible, shedding new light on the sun-drying culture and organic practice.

Orient Occident Atelier explores the potential of building, furniture, and local drying and farming culture, as well as a sustainable way to integrate greenery into contemporary living.

Special thanks to PermAmigo, a family permaculture farm in Hong Kong, and organic farm Magic Organics Co, for their support in supplying locally-grown produce.