Design Dialogue

Design for Operation – Revitalising Heritage

Language: Cantonese

Roger Wu, Executive Director, Project Development of Haw Par Music Foundation Limited

Him Lo, Senior Manager, Cultural and Community Engagement Department, Hong Kong Property Division, Nan Fung Development Ltd.
Winnie Yeung, Experienced Heritage Revitalisation Practitioner


In one of the Design Dialogues of deTour 2014, HKIA, RIBA HK Chapter and AIA HK Chapter, collaborated to bring together architects and designers to share their experiences in overcoming the challenges they faced in the delivery of heritage conservation projects in Hong Kong.

Six years on, Roger Wu will host a follow up Design Dialogue, with Winnie Yeung, an experienced heritage revitalization practitioner, and Him Lo, senior manager of Community Engagement Department at the Nan Fung Development —as speakers, sharing insights on the relationship of the design of hardware (the facilities/venues) and software (services/programme), to explore how these aspects can be better integrated from design conception to sustainable operation, for the benefit of the heritage asset and visitors.

The aim will be to encourage designers to be more sympathetic to, and connected with, the operational and programming aspects of heritage conservation, beyond the project conception as well as after the project completion; and for the program organizers and curators to be more involved in the design process from the early stages.

Haw Par Music Foundation

Haw Par Music is a centre for cross-cultural exchanges through music, heritage, and art. As a social initiative, it aims to create a unique place where the heritage of the Haw Par Mansion integrates with vibrant and enriching musical education and arts programs, for the Hong Kong community. It also serves to develop broader cultural understanding for the enrichment of lives, the community, and service leaders, and to promote societal harmony through music.

Standing in its original style, Haw Par Mansion has a remarkable heritage. The Batch III Revitalizing Historic Building was preserved and handed over to the Government in 2001, and a revitalization proposal submitted by the Aw Boon Haw Foundation and Haw Par Music Foundation Limited was adopted. Through the scheme, the external walls and interior decorations of the main block were restored to their former 1930s look, retaining architectural authenticity. The revitalized Mansion became the home of Haw Par Music, a unique place where heritage, music and arts meet, to nurture talent and to promote cross-cultural exchanges, with both Chinese and Western music training under one roof.