Design Dialogue

Can Motion Graphics Be an Extension of 2D Poster?

Language: English

Agnieszka Mori, Artist, Curator and Co-founder of KLIP Art

Jackson Choi, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader of Visual Communication at Hong Kong Design Institute
Karolina Jacewicz, Animator and Graphic Designer
Mateusz Kokot, Professor of Kinetic Graphics Studio at the University of Arts in Poznan
Max Skorwider, Poster, Illustrator and Graphic Artist, Curator, University Professor at the University of Arts in Poznan


The development of new media has had a huge impact on the interpretation of visual language, enriching it with new dimensions—time and sound. A clear example is the boom of motion graphics in the past decade. Are motion graphics an extension of traditional forms of graphic communications, such as posters?

Illustrator, graphic artist, animator, and representatives from the academic community, from Poland and Hong Kong, will discuss the role of motion graphics—one that is not confined to two-dimensions. They will also raise questions on the language of visual communication in multimedia projects.


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