Listen to the City – HK


DesignInspire - Dec 2019


Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Music has many different roles in human history: art, expressions of emotions, reflection of social reality, therapy and even history itself. What about music in the 21st century?

Sounds were collected from different districts of Hong Kong and re-arranged into compositions which visitors can play using the keyboard of the installation. Each key represents one distinct sound. Press this to listen to one side of the city; press that to jump across to the other. As it goes on and on, participants then become the composer of the city.



MUSK was founded in Hong Kong in 2019 by interior architect Cecilia Lei and musician Shadow Wong. Cecilia and Shadow started to play music together back in 2007 and decided to collaborate as a team this year. With different professional backgrounds, they work across a range of typologies with a focus on exploration between music and architecture.

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