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Design Dialogues

“Linear Design Process = Efficient Design Process”


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4.12 ( Tue )19:00 - 20:30



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In response to the theme of deTour 2018 – “Trial & Error”, this event explores whether “Trial & Error” plays a positive role in the design process or otherwise, especially in the context of Hong Kong where efficiency and convenience rule supreme. Is there room for “learning from mistakes” even though there may be a case for “refinement by iterations”? Indeed, which is more conducive for creativity? The motion for the debate “Linear Design Process = Efficient Design Process” will provoke the Proposition and Opposition Teams of speakers to challenge each other’s views on the value of “Trial & Error”.

Following the success of “TALK! 2016” and “TALK! 2016 – Retake”, this event combines the British tradition of serious debates with a contemporary twist, and promises to be an informative yet edgy, fun and interactive exchange of views around the engaging theme of deTour 2018.

At the beginning of the event, the audience will be asked whether they support the motion or otherwise before the speakers from each team will do their best to win over more support from the audience with their respective presentations. Then, instead of Q&A, two guest speakers selected by each team from the audience will go on stage to express their views to further strengthen the respective team’s case. The audience will be asked to cast their votes again at the end of the debate and the team with the greater gain in support will be declared the winners on the night. Prizes will be awarded to the guest speakers of the winning team.


Host : Roger Wu (Council Member, RIBA | Chairman, RIBA Hong Kong Chapter)


RIBA HK Chapter

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The RIBA Hong Kong Chapter aims to promote architecture in Hong Kong and the region, showcase the work of Hong Kong members, raise recognition of their professional and technical excellence and stimulate engaging discourse on architecture and the built environment within the profession, the construction industry and the wider public.

The RIBA launched the Hong Kong Chapter in September 2012, representing the interests of around 900 members based in Hong Kong and liaises with members in China as well as other countries in the Asia Pacific region. The HK Chapter is run by an elected Committee of 16 members, for which Roger Wu is the current Chairman, with John Campbell as Honorary Secretary and Martin Williams as Honorary Treasurer.

Since 2014, the RIBA HK Chapter have been organising a series of annual architecturally inspired events entitled “EAT!”, “TALK!”, “SHOP!” and “CELEBRATE!’ that engage with what Hong Kong loves best, as well as the monthly series “Brick on Break: Professional Series”, all to raise the profile of the profession in the region.