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KaCaMa Design Lab x Ob/ik Soundwork

PMQ - Sept 2020


Location: Courtyard, G/F

In a semi-open setting with a background music system, this installation let people record their feelings, thoughts and stories that he or she would like to share onto cassette tapes, an old analog recording format.

The installation is divided into two parts: on the outside lies a cozy bench where people can take a seat, relax, and listen to others’ recordings. On the inside is a tranquil space as a recording room. People can express their feelings or respond to the others by recording onto a cassette tape. This creates intriguing conversations that keep going.


KaCaMa Design Lab

KaCaMa Design Lab excels in sustainable design and exploration of new design strategies that foster positive community and environmental values. They carry out novel product and service design through community driven intervention, brand building, event curation and projects for enabling cultural development. In recent years, they established certain numbers of community cooperation programs and projects for the enhancement of local public space in which meaningful interaction between diversified communities and environmental issues are addressed.

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Instagram @kacama_design_lab


Ob/ik Soundwork

Ob/ik Soundwork is a sound research team founded by Chaklam Ng – as known as the music instrument builder and designer of Fretsmith Guitar Lab; he has been the go-to person for crazy sounds among Hong Kong musicians for over a decade. Ob/ik Soundwork explores the passion of acoustics, engineering and fine craftsmanship.

Chaklam Ng currently owns a 19 strings instrument design patent, which is also a collaboration project with the US guitar pickup legend Seymour Duncan. Among his recent music instrument works is the engineering of the glockenspiel ping pong table “Sound of Rebound” by renowned artist Adonian Chan. His works have also been featured in major music festivals like Clockenflap and Sonar, etc.

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