Laser Dye – If Time Was Wearable And Foldable

Shih Wei Chieh

PMQ - Sept 2020


Location: Unit S502, Staunton Block A

Inspired by the oldest alternative photographic process “cyanotype”, laser dye is a study of applying the process on textiles. By projecting UV laser onto fabric pre-coated with photosensitive ink, it creates permanent cyanotype images on the textile or leather. As negative films are not required for the process, it is able to create relatively larger images on slightly uneven surfaces.

Incorporating the idea of “entangled designs”, the patterns generated on all garments are correlated and influence each other simultaneously. Time is a relative experience while reality lies within your observation.

Garment designed by Yiyu Chen


Shih Wei Chieh

Shih Wei Chieh is a media artist based in Taipei and the founder of an experimental project called “Tribe Against Machine”. His major project “Laser Dye” researches the making of cyanotype on textiles by laser projection. This innovative digital fabrication process connects science, fashion and craftsmanship. His works have been presented around the globe such as CTM Berlin, SXSW, YouFab, Modern Body Festival and University of Technology Sydney.

Facebook @Shih Wei-Chieh
Instagram @Weiweiweiwear

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