Located in the northeast of the Hong Kong Island, Shau Kei Wan Tram Terminus is the final destination of DETOUR Tram route starting from Shek Tong Tsui.Combing its infrastructural purpose with a public area setting, the terminusis a neighbourhood landmark and part of local residents' daily life.Along with four other DETOUR sites, it will be redecorated with the homogenous system of white plinths innovating the architectural environments of the area. The venue will also stage performances by theatre group Wooshing Machine.

Address: Kam Wa Street, Sau Kei Wan

White Plinths Installation

29 Nov – 8 Dec

White plinths installation blends in with Shau Kei Wantram terminus to forma fun picture with the neighbourhood areas.

Live Performance

1 Dec, Sun 5pm

"CLAP MODERN" by Wooshing Machine

Four chairs and four men together orchestrate an urban ritual based on rhythmic leg-slaps and hand-claps in theatre group Wooshing Machine's performance "Magnificent 4". With a minimalistic choreography, an interesting concept and a sense of humour, the seven-minute mini-play features a quartet of comically serious-looking performers executing largely synchronised clapping actions in various daily-life environments. As they proceed, the sound of their claps starts to echo the heartbeat of the city, and the ritual gradually turns into a liberating trance-with a rather naked coda!

Founded in 1988 by Italian dancer and choreographer Mauro Paccagnellar, Wooshing Machine is a Brussels-based dance theatre collective that aims to achieve the act of shared artistic creation, inside and outside the theatre arena. For DETOUR 2013, on top of performing “Magnificent 4” with his three fellow cast members at a number of locations including the former Police Married Quarters and the Hennessey, Paccagnellar will also teach the show's choreography to the public and give a two-hour master class.


Learning Curves/ Rescaling Urban Rivers by Alessandro Carboni

1 Dec, Sun 4pm

Learning Curves/ sensing rivers and urban landscape is a performance in which Alessandro Carboni recounts the journey and the experiences of his research along urban rivers in asia. The performance is a mental geography reconstruction of places, perceptions, fragments, bodies, urban transformation and tensions that animate social change. Cities, crowds, tensions, urban tranformation, social changes, feelings, sensations of places visited are rappresented through the geosketching, a particular technique that reconstructs a miniature of the urban landscape composed of 6000 small objects positionated as grid on the urban space, street, pavements or squares.

During the performance, the artist manipulating objects, creates an emotional map, a territory that tells perceptions, fragments, stories and memories of the exploration. The performance will explore, through materials, images, and body sounds, new ways of representation of urban scales, between body and space: a journey through cartography, geography, performance and visual arts.

Learning Curves is a further stage of Overlapping Discrete Boundaries that explores and redefines, in a multidisciplinary way, key places in transformation and territories spread around the globe.