Set up as a market place before 2003, The Central Oasis now serves as an interactive gallery for the public's appreciation of design, art and culture. During DETOUR 2013, a group of designers from Hong Kong, Japan and Belgium will breathe more creative air into the space, providing audiences and pedestrians with compelling visual experiences. Delicate 3D models and exhibitions of design books and magazines will also take the stage to communicate their creative concepts and flairs.

Address: 80 Des Voeux Road, Central


29 Nov – 8 Dec, 10am – 8pm

Homogeneous white plinths intervene and transform the forthcoming creative centre of PMQ, clapping for the launch of DETOUR 2013 in the opening ceremony.

DMY Berlin

For the third consecutive year, the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design partnered DMY International Design Festival Berlin to showcase some of the best emerging design talents that Hong Kong has to offer. It is proud to present an exhibition of designers and applied artists from diverse practices of material and medium.

Hong Kong Designers Exchange

The Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design is proud to showcase the works of some Hong Kong's best design talent at Design September 2013. In developing their works, the designers attempt to breach the boundaries of gender stereotypes by creating a collection that will redefine the closets and lifestyles of today's society.

This collection combines bold thoughts, fluid lines, explosive colours, a mix and merge of textures and shapes, visual arts and design. From hats to accessories, clothing to books and multimedia design, this exhibition specially created for ta'ta'ta' promises to intrigue and fascinate her, him and all.

HK-BXLS Design Sept 2013 ta' ta' ta'

Creative Hokkaido

CREATIVE HOKKAIDO will introduce new attractive points of Hokkaido. We will break the cooped up feeling of Japan, and make an effort to establish our own culture.

Toshihiko SHIBUYA

Toshihiko Shibuya, an artist based on Sapporo, Hokkaido, creates artwork wishing for a resonance to a place. He is one of the few artists who shows new art expressions through a theme on this region with heavy snowfalls.

TAKANORI ISAGO (Sapporo, Japan)

An artist, formative artist and a designer. He founded Studio Crea in 1989. While he works on woodworking craft as a designer, he also explored the creative activities which focused on wood with his flexible ideas.

Prix Fernand Baudin

Named after world-renowned Belgian typographer Fernand Baudin, The Fernand Baudin Prize awards the most beautiful books made in Brussels and Wallonia. The annual award was initiated in 2008 to promote the production, development and innovation of contemporary art books. Each year, an international jury of industry professionals will judge nominated books by their design and realization. So far, there have been 44 winning books and five catalogues in the award's history. On the occasion of its 5th birthday, they will travel to Hong Kong as part of DETOUR 2013.

Ornamentum Libitum

ORNAMENTUM LIBITUM invites seven artists, architects or designers (to produce a trinket using the technique of 3D printing. Whether they are memories, miniatures, fragments of reality, dispensable objects or mere curiosities, trinkets are both intimate and cumbersome monuments.Intimate in terms ofthe value that we project upon them and cumbersome when the material and space theyconsume is considered in relation to their usefulness.

These household ornaments whose « value (...) does not stalk about with a label describingwhat it is »* are the pretext for a reflection on the status of the object, its environment andits autonomy, but also on the potential of 3D printing through an exploration of the detailingthat this technique allows and the production line it modifies.


Archizines presents the new generation of independent architecture magazines,fanzines and journals. The touring exhibition brings together 100 publications fromcountries around the world alongside video interviews with their makers. Edited byarchitects, artists and students, these new publications provide platforms forcommentary, criticism and research into the spaces we inhabit and the practice ofarchitecture. They make an important, and often radical, addition to architecturaldiscourse and demonstrate the residual love of the printed matter in the digital age.

Curated by Elias Redstone in collaboration with the Architectural Association Schoolof Architecture, Archizines has been exhibited in over 20 cities around the world.