DETOUR 2012: Design Renegade

DETOUR 2012 is co-curated by John Bela of Rebar and independent curator Justine Topfer. The curatorial team is working in partnership with artist and Hong Kong based creative director Aidan Li to develop the exhibition.

The goal of DR is to assemble an international team of artists and designers to exhibit alongside Hong Kong's homegrown talent who are interested in exploring and activating public life and public space in HK’s Wan Chai district.

What is Design Renegade?

Design Renegade seeks niches and loopholes in the social and spatial fabric of the city and exploits these loopholes for public benefit.

Design Renegade asks:

How would our city look and feel if it was designed for our health and wellbeing, and to support sharing resources and generosity, versus competition and profit?