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The Spot Design Award has been set up to support newly qualified young designers and to promote creatively strong and sell-able concepts such as prototypes, limited series or industrialized products.

To get the chance to be part of the nominees at Planet D Hong Kong Design Mart at Detour 2011, get prepared!

Your products should answer to the following criteria for the award: Functional + Aesthetic + Innovative + Eco friendly + Easy to produce on-demand + Easy to send by post to the end consumer + 100% original design

Spot design you like at DETOUR 2011, or simply spot your own design and fill-in the spot design submission guidelines here. You can also copy the link to access to the form: http://www.buymedesign.com/blog/spot-design/

The nominated products will get a free entrance on our design platform and an exclusive promotion on buymedesign.com and tl.mag. See last year laureates here

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